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  • September 2023 Monthly Members Meeting: Carole Pollard

    Artist-quilter Carole Pollard says, “Ideas excite me. Beauty inspires me. I wanted to be an artist from childhood, but made my living teaching English. I retired to get serious about making art, and I chose designing and making art quilts to express that intention. Several quilts have been inspired by literature. Many have deeply personal meaning, a psychological self-portrait. Archetypes* are all contained and interlinked within me and work together in dynamic and sometimes startling or even disturbing ways.” Join us on Monday evening, September 25th at the AI Root Community Room, as Carole shows the process of how--and why--she puts together these magnificent pieces of cloth and thought. *Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviors, and personalities that play a role in influencing human behavior. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung's theory suggested that these archetypes were archaic forms of innate human knowledge passed down from our ancestors. In Jungian psychology, these archetypes represent universal patterns and images that are part of the collective unconscious. Jung believed that we inherit these archetypes much in the way we inherit instinctive patterns of behavior.

  • Love a good Garage Sale?

    Looking for some arty odds and ends? Come to the Medina County Art League’s STUDIO CLEAROUT SALE! Sat. October 14, noon – 4 p.m. and Sunday October 15, noon - 3 p.m. @ A. I. Root Community Room, 623 W. Liberty St., Medina 44256 Our members are cleaning house to benefit our annual scholarships awarded to select high school seniors who are furthering their education in the visual arts. All leftovers from the sale will be donated to the Juvenile Detention Center’s art therapy program and to Planet Joy. If you are an artist wanting to donate, a decorator looking for some unique art pieces, someone who loves finding special gems to enhance your work, or a student looking for some inexpensive tools &materials, please come and bring a box or big shopping bag to load up on treasures! Contact Carol Klingel at for more information. ******CASH OR CHECKS ONLY******

  • Library Art Exhibits!

    The main library in Medina is booked with art shows until 2025. However, three other libraries will be happy to exhibit your art if you are interested. · Lodi Library at 630 Wooster St., 330-948-1885 · Brunswick Library at 3649 Center Road, 330-273-4150 · Highland Library at 4160 Ridge Road, 330-239-2674 They will be happy to provide space for your art. They are smaller spaces than the main library but provide cozy settings for your art. Either phone or e-mail at for more information.

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  • Contact Us | MCAL Official

    Contact Us For general inquiries or questions regarding the Medina County Art League please contact us using the form below. Thanks! Message sent. We will do our best to respond in the next 48 hours. Send Other ways to get ahold of us:

  • Medina County Art League About Us

    Mary Claggett never realized her dream of helping establish an art and cultural center in Medina County, but her unceasing activity planted the seed in the minds of local artists. In 1958, she founded the not-for-profit Medina County Art League. She remained as president until 1970 when Jeanne Nichols became president. The League's purpose has always been the promotion of an active interest in the arts, conduct and participate in art shows and aiding students of Medina County in obtaining further education in the arts. We have been a continual supporter of community events and receptive to requests for participation. Every summer in July the League sponsors Art In The Park around the Gazebo at the Medina Square with 130 local and visiting fine artists, juried awards, and scholarship tent where artists contribute select pieces to help raise funds that are then awarded in March of each year to several deserving seniors starting college in the fall with an emphasis in Art. History A Picket Fence Show in the uptown park in 1961 foreshadowed our aforementioned Art in the Park. Early Meetings were held in member's homes, at the high school cafeteria or in the art room. In 1972, they moved to the Nichols Community Room. In 2002, they moved to the newly established Grace Drake Center for the Performing Arts and most recently, in 2009, moved to the A.I. Root Meeting Room. Projects of the league have included decorating the children's room at Medina County Hospital, art shows and scholarships for high school students, and annual art shows for members. Meetings have featured demonstrations of painting techniques, crafts, jewelry, silk-screen, welding, photography, and flower arranging. Critiques have been held to evaluate members' work. The Medina County Art League was incorporated in 1973. About Us

  • Medina County Art League Aquarius

    Past Aquarius Exhibits 2019 | 2020 | 2021 17th Annual Aquarius Exhibition presented by Medina County Art League 2021 VIRTUAL Aquarius GALLERY 2021 Aquarius Awards Best of Show Charleston by Barbara Zimmerman - Collage Diptych This painting really intrigued me. It was well thought out taking in design, composition, positive and negative shapes, lost and found edges among other great tributes in the making of a good painting. And with all that's happening in it, there are wonderful spaces to rest the eyes. I was attracted to the people wondering what their conversations were and where they were going. This painting was done by a very confident artist. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA First Place Cabbage Story #3 by Carol Klingel - Oil on Canvas Design and color harmony were big in this close-up painting of a cabbage. I love the detail with the holes in the leaves and the beautiful translucency of the light coming through some of them. Great design with the leaves running off the page. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA Second Place Al's View by Bob Maurer - Watercolor This watercolor has a peaceful serene feeling, color harmony and good technical execution. It makes one feel as if they are there enjoying this with them. The "less is more" concept made this painting. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA Third Place 52 Public Square by Craig Staufer - Oil Street scenes can really be tough with all the complexity. This artist made it look easy with confident strokes and simplicity at the same time. I loved the action in the clouds and the addition of people and a couple of cars. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA Honorable Mentions Pest Control by Teenia Geig-Koehler - Mixed Media The artist made a little gem conveying the Carolina Wren and kept your attention on it by simplifying the upper part. You can almost hear its song. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA One Green Pear by Helga Reid - Watercolor This is another gem done in watercolor. This had great design and technical execution along with color harmony. I loved the imperfections on the pears and making the one stand out by being more green. Hence the title. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA Tree Rows by Darrell Kent - Ink Markers This painting intrigued me by the use of so many dots of ink markers but it was so well done that it all came together nicely. It had great rhythm in the sky and the trees took on their own personality like they were there having a conversation with one another. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA Drummer Boy by Ken Smith - Photography This photograph posed an emotional response. It also had a mystery to it as to who the drummer was and what had happened to him. The composition is good and the atmospheric quality it conveyed added to the mystery for me. Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA Juror Statement I was very honored for the opportunity to be the Juror for the 2021 Medina County Art League Show at the Medina Library. ​ Every artist must remember, this is only one opinion and there were so many winners, but I only could give out 8 awards. In the end, all that matters is believe in yourself and paint to please only you. ​ I've always liked the phrase "it's not what you paint, but how you paint it". Every artist has their own "signature" or style and I enjoyed them all. Besides looking for the usual; strong design, composition, values, color harmony and good technical execution, I also looked for emotional content and the passion the artist conveyed. I wanted to feel the experience the artist had while creating it. Also, important to me was the artist showing their confidence in their work. Did they have a clear sense of what they were trying to communicate to the viewer? ​ A big congratulations to all, for without your creativity, putting your heart and soul into your work, this wonderful exhibit wouldn't happen. ​ All the best, Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA To learn more about Carolyn please visit her website at:

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