17th Annual Aquarius Exhibition

presented by

Medina County Art League


Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork in the 2021 Aquarius gallery please contact the artist directly to make arrangements. If the artwork is listed as "NFS" it is not for sale.


Show Dates: Saturday, February 1 to February 27, 2021
Library Hours: Monday & Wednesday 10-5;  Tuesday & Thursday 12-8; Friday & Saturday 10-4  Masks required!!
Artwork Pick-up: March 1 and 2, 2020, by appointment.

The 17th Annual members-only exhibition will be held at the Medina County District Library (MCDL) in Medina during the month of February.  MCAL members are invited annually to exhibit two works in the show.


Best of Show $175, 1st Place $150,  2nd Place $100, 3rd Place $75, 4 Honorable Mentions $25 each, and Peoples’ Choice $50

Where: Medina County District Library
210 S Broadway St, Medina, OH 44256
Questions or additional information: Please email the committee at medinacountyartleague@gmail.com .

Welcome to Aquarius

As past president and Exhibition Co-Chair, I, Deanna Clucas along with my Co-Chair, Sharon Borror welcome you to the 17th Aquarius Exhibition. We are fortunate to be able to bring this show to you on the Medina County Art League website, Facebook, and in-person visits to the Medina County District Library in the B. Smith Gallery on the third floor. Yes, this is different, but so are the times. The show runs from February 1st to February 27th along with the library’s virtual ART IN ACTION during the weeks of February 12th – 28th www.mcdl.info/artinaction.

Amazingly, we had 50 brave members submit their artwork to the library in the middle of a pandemic only because of the way we arranged their entry by appointment and the cooperation of the library.  What used to take two hours to gather all the entries this year took two days in order to keep everyone safe.

This is the show that enables all of our members to “shine” in an extraordinary show of skill and passion.  We are delighted to see all 96 beautiful submissions which are all original and most for sale.  Purchases can be made through the artist with pick up at the end of the show. The physical show ends February 27th and will be taken down on March 1st and 2nd.

For in-person visits, the library has expanded their hours:

Monday & Wednesday 10-5;  Tuesday & Thursday 12-8; Friday & Saturday 10-4  Masks required.


And our heartfelt thank you to our intake and installation teams whom all came masked and socially-distanced in order to present a truly beautiful show.  Those include: Donna Bargar, Denise Benko, Bill Beuther, Margaret Hermann-Dreher, Teenia Geig-Koehler, Vincent Matheney, Helga Reid, Betty Siska, Kathy Stokes-Shafer, and Barbara Zimmerman under the guidance of Sharon Borror and Deanna Clucas.

Our thanks also to the Medina County District Library for donating the use of their building, facilities and for the generous help of their staff; Minuteman Press of Medina for their printing services and Crown Trophy for the award ribbons which are now installed on the artwork.


An added attraction this year is the PROJECT done by a group of MCAL members to donate to Feeding Medina County. Ten members were sent a copy of a 3x3” puzzle piece of a painting selected by the organizer to show the historic consequences of the pandemic.  Each member duplicated their piece in a 6x6” size in the medium of their choice, and when complete, the organizer put it all together to form the original painting.   Be sure to see the finished artwork “CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE” either in person or included on our website and Facebook page. This has a $400 price tag to the purchaser of which 100% will go to Feeding Medina County.  If not sold, it will be given to them to auction at their next event. Contributors to the project were: Deanna Clucas, Janet Baran, Dave Fawcett, Darrell Kent, Carol Klingel, Mark Mahoney, Bob Maurer, Craig Staufer, Kathy Stokes-Shafer, and Betty Siska. Next year will include different members.


We would also like to thank our juror, Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA (Oil Painters of America) for judging this exhibit. Here’s a little bit about her. Her full biography will also appear on our website:


"Capturing the mood of the moment and the effect of light is an important goal in my work."

A commendable quality of Lewis' award-winning work is the feeling one experiences of actually being in the scene while viewing her strongly designed landscapes. Lewis continues, "...but most of all, I enjoy the process of creating art and communicating the atmosphere and drama of my subject."


The art of Carolyn Lewis is inspired by nature, wildlife, and people. It is sensitive without being overly sentimental. Her commissioned portraits of individuals and animals, and her powerful landscapes, are steadily gaining acclaim in national art circles. Carolyn’s portraits include benefactors, lawyers, CEOs, and clergy.


She has also authored a book with a video and has work published in countless books and magazines. Carolyn has been teaching classes for over 30 years and frequently teaches plein air painting workshops in the Great Lakes region, other states, and in Italy. 


Along with several solo exhibitions, Carolyn has been selected to exhibit in many local, regional and national art competitions.  In addition, she often serves as a juror for exhibitions. Having won honors and awards from many shows, she was ranked in the top 6 out of over 9000 entries in the 1998 Artist’s Magazine National Landscape Competition.  She holds Signature Memberships in numerous art societies.  View more on our website.


And now we will present the Awards with comments from Carolyn as to her choices.  It seems we present all of our jurors with hard decisions to make and we thank you all for always doing your best.  We will also present ALL OF THE ARTWORK in the show.  ENJOY!

2021 Aquarius Awards


Best of Show

Charleston by  Barbara Zimmerman - Collage Diptych

This painting really intrigued me. It was well thought out taking in design, composition, positive and negative shapes, lost and found edges among other great tributes in the making of a good painting.  And with all that's happening in it, there are wonderful spaces to rest the eyes.  I was attracted to the people wondering what their conversations were and where they were going. This painting was done by a very confident artist.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA

First Place

Cabbage Story #3 by Carol Klingel - Oil on Canvas

Design and color harmony were big in this close-up painting of a cabbage. I love the detail with the holes in the leaves and the beautiful translucency of the light coming through some of them. Great design with the leaves running off the page.            

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


Second Place

Al's View by Bob Maurer - Watercolor

This watercolor has a peaceful serene feeling, color harmony and good technical execution. It makes one feel as if they are there enjoying this with them. The "less is more" concept made this painting.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


Third Place

52 Public Square by Craig Staufer - Oil

Street scenes can really be tough with all the complexity. This artist made it look easy with confident strokes and simplicity at the same time.  I loved the action in the clouds and the addition of people and a couple of cars.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


Honorable Mentions

Pest Control by Teenia Geig-Koehler - Mixed Media

The artist made a little gem conveying the Carolina Wren and kept your attention on it by simplifying the upper part.  You can almost hear its song.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


One Green Pear by Helga Reid - Watercolor

This is another gem done in watercolor.  This had great design and technical execution along with color harmony.  I loved the imperfections on the pears and making the one stand out by being more green.  Hence the title.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


Tree Rows by Darrell Kent - Ink Markers

This painting intrigued me by the use of so many dots of ink markers but it was so well done that it all came together nicely.  It had great rhythm in the sky and the trees took on their own personality like they were there having a conversation with one another.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


Drummer Boy by Ken Smith - Photography

This photograph posed an emotional response.  It also had a mystery to it as to who the drummer was and what had happened to him.  The composition is good and the atmospheric quality it conveyed added to the mystery for me.

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


Juror Statement

I was very honored for the opportunity to be the Juror for the 2021 Medina County Art League Show at the Medina Library.

Every artist must remember, this is only one opinion and there were so many winners, but I only could give out 8 awards.  In the end, all that matters is believe in yourself and paint to please only you.

I've always liked the phrase "it's not what you paint, but how you paint it". Every artist has their own "signature" or style and I enjoyed them all.  Besides looking for the usual; strong design, composition, values, color harmony and good technical execution, I also looked for emotional content and the passion the artist conveyed. I wanted to feel the experience the artist had while creating it.  Also, important to me was the artist showing their confidence in their work.  Did they have a clear sense of what  they were trying to communicate to the viewer?

A big congratulations to all, for without your creativity, putting your heart and soul into 

your work, this wonderful exhibit wouldn't happen.

All the best,

Carolyn E. Lewis, OPA


To learn more about Carolyn please visit her website at:


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