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September Members Meeting: Doug Unger

September 27, 7 pm, Root Community Room

Join us on Monday evening, September 27, at 7:00 P.M. to meet and hear multi-talented Peninsula artist, DOUG UNGER. Trained as a portrait painter at the Cleveland Institute of Art, he excelled and graduated as a Page Scholar with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He was assistant to the Dean and received a Master’s Degree from Syracuse University and also studied on a scholarship with colorist painter, Henry Hensche, one of Charles Hawthorne’s best students, at his School of Art in Provincetown. He taught for 35 years at Kent State University, receiving the title of Professor Emeritus at retirement. In addition to his renown as a representational artist in oil and pastel, he has expanded to become a more traditional craftsman in wood, making his own musical instruments. He sees a parallel between instrument making and painting. Essence is whatever most sums up the heart and soul of something, its truest, most indispensable qualities.

This meeting will also be broadcast via a Zoom Meeting. Additional details will be coming shortly.

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