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President's Message October 2021

I usually start my letters with something about the season but this time I want to share with you a conversation I had with my daughter recently. She teaches art in the Chicago area. One of her classes is an A.P. class. They have to have a personal question that they will spend a year exploring through multiple works of art. She said it is not enough to just create a pretty picture, but why are you making art? What is it you are trying to convey? I realized I have not given much thought to this. I am a pretty picture painter. My challenge now is to create a Why and explore this question in my future paintings. As a friend said, by doing this, we as artist reach deeper and think about what we are doing. What is your WHY? I would love to have you write something about this for our Newsletter.

MEETINGS - We had our first in- person/ Zoom Members Meeting a few weeks ago. I think it went well. Thank you all for wearing masks and participating. I certainly enjoyed connecting with everyone and finding out what you all were up to. Our upcoming meetings will follow this same format of mask wearing and no refreshments until the Covid numbers come down. I know some of you who zoomed had a hard time seeing Doug’s work. His paintings were stunning. Vince will put a gallery together of the artist’s work on our Website so you can get a better sense of it. If you haven’t looked at our Website in a while I encourage you to take another look. There is so much information on it, and it is very easy to navigate. Vince has done a great job in keeping it current. Thanks Vince.

SECRETARY - Linda Long, one of our new members, has stepped up to be our new secretary. Welcome aboard Linda.

MONEY SAVED - The Art League has secured a new storage locker. By moving our property to Storage Rentals of America, the Art League will realize a cost saving. Thank you George Hearth and Darrell Kent who moved all our belongings in and rebuilt a shelf.

ART OPPORTUNITIES - Brother’s Antiques contacted MCAL to see if anyone would like to hang their work at their store. They can do various sizes and mediums. The store would showcase your work and take 30% plus handle taxes. If you are interested please contact Frankie 330-723-7580.

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Deanna Clucas has offered to look into Laurel Lake Retirement Community as a possible place for us to hold an exhibit. A date will be forthcoming. If you are interested in showing your work there or helping out please contact her.

The new Cool Beans Show is up. The Theme is ‘Holidays’. When you are in Medina check it out.

MEMBERSHIP - Please remember to renew your membership if you haven’t already. Don’t forget you can’t exhibit in the Aquarius Show in late January/ February unless your membership has been paid by Dec.20th.

Kathy Stokes-Shafer, MCAL President

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