Instructions to join the MCAL Monthly Members VIRTUAL Meeting

At our website, click the “Meeting Link” on our home page.

You will then be asked how you want to join the meeting. If you already have teams on your computer or device you will be asked if you want to join using the app, feel free to do so. If you do not have the app, you can either download the app or choose to attend in your web browser. The easiest method is to join via your browser. You should be given the option to sign-in to your Microsoft account or sign in as a guest once you click the link.

Once in the Meeting, you will see the following toolbar. It is designed to hide itself while not being used. To make it visible again, just move your mouse around the screen.

On the left you will see the duration of the meeting; the next tools are your video and microphone controls. You can toggle those on and off to control whether your video and microphone are active. The 4 button, the rectangle with an arrow is to share your screen, please do not use this button unless asked to do so, The three ellipses (or dots) provides additional options including live captioning for those hard of hearing. The next tool, the hand is to raise your virtual hand to ask a question or gain the presenters attention. You may also use the chat bubble next to it to pose questions or talk amongst the group via text. The icon that looks like two people is the participant list. If you choose this it will show you who is on the call. Finally, the red phone is to leave the meeting.

Please note that you need to have a microphone and speakers to connect to the meeting. We also ask that you mute yourself during the presentation to provide the presenter a distraction-free environment. Also, ensure that your speakers are at a comfortable level to hear the speakers.

Should you have questions, please contact Vincent Matheney via email at I will do my best to help answer questions, but please be aware that each computer and device are slightly different and I may not have experience with your device.

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