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Results of Kaleidoscope Exhibition and Women’s Art League Fall Show at Summit Art Space

by Deanna Clucas, Exhibition Chair

As most of you know me as the Co-Chair of the Aquarius Exhibition and the most recent past president, I would like you to know that I am also exhibition chair of the Women’s Art League of Akron AND the Kaleidoscope Exhibition which is held every year at Summit Artspace in downtown Akron; a block away from the Akron Art Museum.

These two shows are running right now at Summit Artspace, 140 E. Market Street. Women’s Art League in the Transition Gallery and Kaleidoscope in the Betty & Howard Taylor Main Gallery. Hours are Fridays, 12-7 pm, and Saturdays 11-5 pm through December 18, 2021. To see the shows virtually, go to and click on the virtual shows.

There are a few MCAL members who are also members of the Women’s Art League. Of those who entered and won awards in this show, Helga Reid and, Deanna Clucas both won Honorable Mentions.

There are also a few MCAL members who belong to the eligible organizations belonging to the Alliance for the Visual Arts in Akron which sponsors the Kaleidoscope show. Of the 7 members submitting work for the show including Bill Beuther, Denise Benko, Sally Heston, and Kathy Stokes-Shafer, juried entries included Lee Beuther, Carol Klingel who won an Honorable Mention, and me again, Deanna Clucas.

Let me give you a little background for an opportunity for you to join and to show your work:

As one of the original founders of the Alliance for the Visual Arts (AVA) in 2001, Betty Taylor’s dream was to have a holiday art show every year. Since 2003, hundreds of regional visual artists representing AVA have contemplated their entries in the most competitive juried art exhibit to end the year at Summit Artspace. Many have competed- Not all entries are juried into the show where the quality of work is at its height.

After a total amount of 633 members have been narrowed down because of multiple memberships, there are 548 eligible members of AVA including Akron Society of Artists, Artists of Rubber City, Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, and Women’s Art League of Akron.

Of those 548 members, 65 members entered 119 submissions into this 19th annual prestigious show. Only 58 were juried in. This year, we were able to obtain Alexandra N. Coon, Executive Director of the Massillon Museum as our juror. She juried the show and then came in-person to judge for awards.

We also offer People’s Choice ballots in person and virtually so the public can choose their favorite piece of work. Whoever wins has that artwork used for the next year’s advertising in addition to winning the coveted handmade kaleidoscope by Akron Glass Artist, Bob Pozarski. Who will win this year?

We will find out on the evening of December 18 at the end of the show.

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