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President's Message September 2021

I can’t believe September is here already. Hope your summer has been fun and productive. I know many of you have been in shows in the area and have won awards for your outstanding work. Keep it up. See info later in the newsletter to see who has done what. Please keep us posted if you hear of upcoming shows our members might be interested in. Networking is one of the benefits of being a member of MCAL.

GREAT NEWS! Root Candle has opened their community room for our use again, so we are back at Root Candle for our September meeting on Sept. 27th at 7:00 pm. Our first in-person meeting in over a year. I am so excited to see you all again. I know many of you are vaccinated, but with the Delta variant of Covid being so contagious we are changing things to make it safer for all. We are going to REQUIRE MASKS, and there will be no refreshments. If you are uncomfortable with attending in person, Vince is planning to stream the meeting via Zoom, check the website for details. The program will also be filmed and put on our website for all to see at a later date. Carol Klingel has lined up a fantastic slate of speakers for our group this year. I leave each meeting inspired and stimulated by these artists presentations. I know you are too. Please look further in the newsletter for the full slate of speakers.

ART IN THE PARK - Thanks to my fantastic committee for going above and beyond with organizing and lining up the artists and making sure everything ran smoothly. Also many thanks to the MCAL members who gave up their time to help with our tent and the scholarship tent, and to relieve the artists and bring them water. I heard nothing but glowing reports about how nice the event was and how great the volunteers were. It is a lot of work to put this event on. Next year we will need more help with the scholarship tent and getting the raffled art pieces to the winners. I know you will step up and help out.

We did very well. We limited the number of artists so the crowds were spaced out. We had about 75 artists, and we made $1,135 at the scholarship tent.

MEMBERSHIP - Don’t forget to renew your membership. If you have not sent in your check, please bring one to our September meeting. If you wish, you can make a donation to the scholarship fund at that time too. Or send it to our NEW PO Box 1071, Medina, Ohio 44258.

ART OPPORTUNITIES - Linda Kenski was going to start up her portrait classes at Beuhler’s but with the rise in Covid cases, she has postponed the Sept. and Oct. classes.

We will be looking into places we can show our work in and around Medina. Keep your eyes and ears open for ideas. We need someone to head this up. The responsibility will be to contact the store or organization, find a date that works for everyone, set times and dates for dropping off artwork and let our members know so they can participate. Please let me know if you are willing to take this on.

Cool Beans has a show up now. The next show is on October 6th. The theme is ‘The Holidays’. Contact Darrell Kent, he needs a few more paintings for this show.

WEBSITE/NEWSLETTER - Vince has done a fantastic job with keeping our website up to date and adding important information. If you missed a meeting or a newsletter, want to know about upcoming events, it is all there. Vince is also doing the Newsletters so please get him any information by the 5th of the month. Laurie does Facebook and Instagram so please keep the info coming to her as well.

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