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President's Message: June 2019

Kathy and I would like to begin this message with a vote of thanks to all the outgoing

board members. Many of them have served MCAL for many years and I know are leaving the organization better than when they took over their positions. I would especially like to thank our outgoing President, Deanna Clucas for the wonderful job she has done over the years. For the few years that I have been a part of this organization, her dedication and enthusiasm for making MCAL better each day has been inspirational and I can only hope that Kathy and I’s presidency can live up to the high bar that has been set.

As your incoming presidents Kathy and I are eager to get to know each and every one

of you, to serve the needs of the organization and to continue to make MCAL a great

place to learn about and grow our artistic abilities. I personally am also excited to share

our wonderful group with those that haven’t found us yet. There are many in the county who are unaware of what we offer and I am excited to take on the task of making

more folks in our community aware of our organization and growing our membership.

Finally, I would implore you all to take action, talk about our group with your friends

and family. If you love our group, tell people about us. Share our exhibition/show dates

with your family, friends and coworkers. Particularly Art in the Park, coming in July, but

also Aquarius, Cool Beans, Marie’s Café, and all of the other wonderful venues we

show in. After all everyone loves a pretty picture and even more so they love the stories that those pictures tell. They love that spark of imagination each image, photo or

sculpture brings and they will cherish those memories forever. If we all work together,

we can continue to build and grow this organization, and together enjoy the benefits of

each other’s company, comradery and artwork. I have always been fond of the saying

“many hands make small work”. The more of us that get involved the lighter our load.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but please consider helping out where you can.

Again, Kathy and I look forward to serving as your Presidents. See you at Art in the Park

or at our first meeting in September!

Vincent Matheney and Kathy Stokes-Shafer,

MCAL Co-Presidents

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