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Plein Air Locations

Hello, plein air painters.... below is a listing for the next two Wednesdays for our plein air painting locations. Now that it's October, the weather is more changeable than during the summer, so we'll be playing it week by week. This week's location is rather special, and if it rains, I'll try to get permission for us to reschedule at that spot before the end of the season, which regrettably, is quickly approaching. So bundle up and prepare for the weather, and come join us if it's not raining. As always, our location will also be posted on the Medina County Art League's Facebook page:

Wednesday, October 13, 2021…..Coonrad Farm/ CVNP Ranger’s Station, 10340 Riverview Rd., Brecksville, Ohio 44141. This site is not usually open to the public, but we’ve obtained permission from the Park Service to come to paint this Wednesday. Situated up a hill overlooking the Valley, this property was once a dairy farm and part of the growing cheese-making business in the Cuyahoga Valley after the canal and railroad were built in the 1800s. Besides wide views of the Valley, there is also a barn and a lovely brick Victorian farmhouse. The drive is located about 1 1/4 miles north of Boston Road on the west side of the street. Wednesday, October 20, 2021…..Crown Point Ecology Center. If anyone has any questions, please contact me.


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