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MCAL History - April 2021 Edition

Since the opening of the art league Art Center in the fall of1979, the members were pleased to have one designated place to hold their monthly meetings, sponsor workshops, and hold spring and fall art exhibits to interest the community in the arts. The Art Center became a “ Teaching Wing” of the art league. We held a class for children and adults in drawing, oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting. Also, calligraphy, lead glass, and photography. These classes provided an art experience for the community.

Qualified art league instructors were encouraged by the number of registrations and the well-attended classes. According to the treasurer’s report on file, the Art Center was self-supporting during this time.

In the early part of 1980, class registration dropped due to unemployment and inflation. Then came a rental fee increase, phone, postage, and utility expenses and it became too costly to stay there. The board voted not to extend the lease. In June 1984, the lease termination was signed by then-president Max Brent. A security deposit of $300 was deposited in the art league account. The equipment and supplies we had amassed were then stored in member’s garages or barns and in a storage locker.

The artists were able to exhibit at Art in the Park, after submitting slides of their work and being accepted. In 1985 the library offered space for children’s art classes and art league exhibits.

Monthly meetings were then held at the Nichols Building for $15.00 a month. After a few years, the Grace Drake Theater was available for use for our meetings. Currently, we have our monthly meetings at the AI Root Community Room. Our workshops are also held there.

Respectfully submitted,

Grace Zay

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