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MCAL 2019 Spring Workshop: Zentangle a Wooden Bowl

Medina County Art League 2019 Spring Workshop

With Guest Artists April Couch

Saturday, March 30, 2019 - 10 am to 4 pm

Zentangle a Wooden Bowl

Workshop description:

In this class, you will learn how to paint, sand and buff a wood bowl to prepare it for drawing.  You will then learn the Zentangle method of drawing which we will then apply to the bowl.  Finally,  you will learn to seal the bowl to protect your drawing. 

There is a $15 materials cost per person, payable on day of class directly to April Couch, which will include the bowl, paints, varnish, a brush and a pen.

About April Couch:

Wife, Mom, Artist. Fine line, Zentangle inspired art drawn on many different mediums. Creating art for everyday living.

I started doing this about seven years ago. And it came about as a result of my not being able to really focus or stay awake at church. I realized that church was the only place that I had to sit and listen and not doodle. If I’m on the phone I’m doodling, if I’m just watching TV I’m doodling. I realized that I kind of have a mind-to-hand connection, I need to be moving my hand for me to focus and to have clarity. And then soon after that, I just started doodling in my notes at church, I’d be taking notes on the sermon, then I’d just doodle around the page.

I walked into Pat Catan’s and I just saw this book and it said “Zentangle” and it looked just like the doodles I had been doing. So it just gave me an organized way of doodling. And once I figured that out, I joined a zentangle club, I went to a beginning class. And the instructor was like, “What are you doing here?” And I said, “I came to take the class.” She said, “You don’t need this class.”

So we had our first art show of the group, and I submitted 12 pieces and by the time I got there 11 of the 12 had sold. Literally, I stood there and started crying in the middle of the floor and I was like, “I figured out what I want to do when I grow up! I wanna draw, I want to be an artist!”

I could have gone to art school, I actually had opportunities for art scholarships and decided to go into business instead. Therefore, at age 43 I officially, I guess, entered the art world and started trying to sell my art. It’s just grown and grown and grown since then.

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